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Leveraging Executive Education and Leader Development For Strategic Planning, Action Learning, Customized Executive Education and Enhanced Business Meetings - all supported by a philosophy of Breakthrough Centered Development.
Research and Publishing:
Eight National Benchmarking Reports.

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Our Work

Executive KnowledgeWorks (EKW) was founded in 1986 by the team of managers responsible for Motorola's worldwide executive education initiatives. For nearly 30 years we have been working with the executives of Fortune 500 companies in a wide range of industries. Our firm provides in-depth research on human resource development issues (to date -- eight National Benchmarking Studies) and these distinct but closely related consulting services. At Executive KnowledgeWorks we:

  • Help some of our clients think through their overall strategies for human resource and organization development. Occasionally that takes the form of a Corporate University.
  • Design, develop and implement custom-built executive education and action learning programs that range in complexity from one-day, one-time sessions to multi-week initiatives delivered many times over a three or four year period.
  • Help our clients conceptualize, build and implement creative, engaging no-nonsense business strategy meetings.
  • Provide discrete and focused coaching and support for the executives responsible for their corporation's HRD and Executive development.

Our Philosophy

Ownership -- our business philosophy is to work on a few significant interventions in any given year. We intentionally limit our engagements so as to devote our time and resources and, especially, our emotional and intellectual energies to those projects. When we work with a client, we take that client's challenges and goals home with us as though they were ours -- because they are ours.

Focus -- we believe that strategy, development and change interventions best serve an organization when they are focused on a limited number of specific business targets. Critical mass is diluted when resources are spread thinly in an attempt to accomplish multiple purposes (or no particular purpose).

Key Business Issues -- that same critical mass and focus should be directed at an organization's key emerging business issues. With such focus, participants particularly executives, are more likely to become fully engaged and the initiative is more likely to realize its optimal impact.

Processing -- some corporations spend significant dollars arranging for the delivery of substantive and sometimes even marquis-value content without providing for adequate processing of that input. As a result, they leave on the table a large percentage of their potential return on that investment. Strong facilitation and processing often make the difference between an interesting presentation and a substantive breakthrough.


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A Few of Our Client Engagements:

Executive Coaching:
Lincoln Financial Group

Executive Education and Leadership Development:
Abbott Laboratories
Gap, Inc.
Glaxo Wellcome Inc.

Organization Development and Action Learning:
Dow Chemical
Knight-Ridder, Inc.

Strategy Planning and Business Meetings:
Allina Health Systems
Johnson & Johnson
United Technologies

HRD Strategy and Corporate Universities:
Dupont/Pioneer Hi-Bred
Lincoln Financial Group
Motorola, Inc.
Pfizer, Inc.

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