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Leveraging Executive Education and Leader Development For Strategic Planning, Action Learning, Customized Executive Education and Enhanced Business Meetings - all supported by a philosophy of Breakthrough Centered Development.
Research and Publishing:
Eight National Benchmarking Reports.

Coaching For HRD & ED Executives

Sometimes the last person to receive assistance with his or her professional development is, ironically, the executive responsible for the development of others. When this happens, given the HRD executive's impact on the growth and performance of others, it's a potentially costly oversight.

For better than 21 years Executive KnowledgeWorks has been quietly providing a full range of professional development coaching and support for HRD and Executive Development executives, helping them to:

  • Hard-wire development to the business
  • Manage the organization (up and horizontally)
  • Insure their team creates designs with optimal impact
  • Manage the development function
  • Connect / network with development executives outside their corporation
  • Manage the function / department / team
  • Stay out in front of the - seemingly inevitable - obsolescence curve.

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