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Eight National Benchmarking Reports.

Case Studies

Of all the types of training in an organization, executive education may offer both the greatest risk and the greatest opportunity. It is an expensive undertaking in terms of both dollars spent developing and delivering the program and the executives’ time in attendance. It is a high-profile effort that seeks the attention of senior management, creates expectations of worthwhile returns and may involve issues that are critical to the company’s welfare.

The risks are high, but the rewards can be great if the effort is carefully crafted to have a strong, positive impact on individuals and—perhaps more importantly—on the organization as a whole.

This section describes executive education programs held at nine major U.S. corporations. Each company embraced the risk of delivering an innovative, high-impact program to its executives, and each was able to realize significant rewards.

Along the way, these companies learned important lessons about managing risk and ensuring impact in executive education. This section shares some of those lessons.

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