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Research and Publishing:
Eight National Benchmarking Reports.

Previous Publications

Executive KnowledgeWorks produced seven National Benchmarking Reports, prior to beginning its current report, Executive Coaching: Emerging Trends and Best Practices in Corporate America. In each case, we selected topics that were at the cutting edge of organization and human resource development. Because they deal with HRD issues that are fairly time sensitive and seemingly always changing, our philosophy is to produce a limited quantity of these reports. Some titles may therefore be out of print.

  • Executive Education in Corporate America
    An investigation into current practices in executive education, that includes information on the participants, champions, objectives, resource pool and likely future of the field.

  • Executive DevelopmentˇThe Organization as a Classroom
    A report on the full range of activities encompassed by the field of executive development, including its organization, administration, support systems and degree of success.

  • The Identification and Development of High Potential Managers
    A study of the emerging patterns for identifying and developing future leaders, given the considerable impact of downsizing, realignments, mergers, acquisitions and trends toward leaner middle and upper management.

  • Succession Planning in America's Corporations
    A how-to-guide for corporations that want to plan for the future of middle and upper management positions, rather than focusing only on the CEO

  • Sales Training
    An exploration of corporate programs that addresses the preparation and education of salespeople

  • Drug Testing In the Workplace
    An examination of drug testing-from both sides of the controversy-that balances the stern realities of drug abuse in the workplace against the serious implications that accompany irresponsible testing

  • Customer Service in Corporate America-Implementing the Change
    A comprehensive definition of customer service that reveals how certain corporations use it to distinguish themselves from the competition


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